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UAE-based couple welcome twins after 17 years of infertility

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A UAE based couple finally conceived thanks to the right treatment after 17 years of infertility.

41-year-old patient M.M. to conceive and deliver a pair of twins after struggling at various IVF clinics, she was supported by the Medcare management to undergo treatment at MCFC under the care of Dr Zakwan Khrait.

Dr Khrait, reproductive medicine and infertility specialist at MCFC, said: “The couple aproached me with low expectations because they had been trying to conceive naturally for 17 years and had even tried several IUIs in the past, but were unsuccessful. Yet, they had hopes that IVF may work.”

The patient’s diagnosis with primary infertility due to mixed factors (male and female). They had over 17 years of infertility with advanced maternal age. However, Dr Khrait said he had high hopes for the couple based on a similar case he had handled at his clinic in Syria a while ago. “Though that patient was younger, I was hopeful because I believed that given the proper stimulation protocol, there were chances M.M. could get pregnant, though the success rate was low due to the age factor.”

“I was told I needed to act quickly and should not waste time but the high cost of this procedure was the only hindrance for us. The Medcare management took care of my expenses and supported me,” said M.M.

The procedure she went through was IVF/ICSI, which took about a month and M.M. responded well to the stimulation medications.  Her first IVF treatment at Medcare was successful and upon her request, three embryos were transferred, which resulted in a twin pregnancy. She recently delivered a beautiful pair of twins – baby boy Yehia and girl, Aliya – at MCFC.

“With the amazing support from Dr Zakwan and the whole team, my decision to go to Medcare Fertility clinic has been totally rewarded. I particularly appreciate the fact that the doctor gave sufficient information and did not give me any false hopes.

“I was informed of how difficult my treatment would be and the low success rates associated with it. But with God’s will and with all the support and positive attitude of the people in MCFC, I am now starting a new life with my two beautiful angels,” M.M. told Khaleej Times.

“The doctors and nurses made the IVF – which could have been a stressful process – easy and smooth. The staff always available to answer all my queries and doubts,” she added.

Dr Khrait said he considered the case a miracle as M.M. was able to conceive with her very first IVF cycle at MCFC, after a prolonged period of infertility coupled with advanced maternal age.



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