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Siege Countries Fail To Break Qatar's will to be independent

Siege over Qatar enters its third month. This not only created a state of mistrust not only among the governments of the Gulf states but also among the citizens of these countries.

People of Gulf, known for their unity over religion, language and culture, are now navigating a profound gap after this fabricated crisis.

The media of the boycotting countries directed by their governments is one of the key reason behind this rivalry.

The Gulf crisis shows that Qatar is a state of institutions, governed by the constitution of ‘sovereignty of the state’, and its work is framed by principles and values that cannot be compromised.

One of the most important lessons learnt from  this crisis is the need to create a broad network of alliances and not to rely on, or merely strengthen, relations with any one party.

The siege led way to many regional powers, like Turkey and Iran, to strengthen relations with several Arab Gulf states such as Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

All this led them to strengthen their positions in the Gulf — exactly what the Saudi-led bloc was trying to prevent in the first place.

People who thought that their decision would isolate Doha from the outside world, weaken its economy and distort its reputation by promoting the idea that Qatar supports terrorism and terrorist organisations in the region.

They thought that Qatar would be forced to compromise on its policy positions.

But Qatari diplomacy has been extremely active during the past two months, as Qatari officials regularly travel between countries to explain the Qatari situation to the international community.

The Qataris, united in their “government and people”, regard the June 5 incident as a betrayal, and are losing confidence in the three neighbouring countries that surrounded their capital by land, sea and air.

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz ordered the opening of the only land border linking Qatar with the world—to the extent that Qatari citizens can perform Haj without prior permission and at the expense of the Saudi king—it is unclear how this decision has been implemented so far.


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