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Again Marmara Istanbul Hotel Face Closure Due To Health Violations

Turkish takeaway Marmara Istanbul face closure for the third time by Qatari authorities for violating health regulations. The Ministry of Municipality and the Environment (MME) closed the branch in Fereej Kulaib, near TV intersection for 10 days in mid-August.

In a statement on its website, the ministry said the restaurant was trading in “harmful food contaminated with radioactive (microbes) (parasites) (pesticides)…”

The notice did not specify which of those infractions the restaurant committed.

Marmara Istanbul remained closed to the public from yesterday with it’s doors and windows plastered with stickers from the Health Control section of the ministry.

These state: “This establishment is closed due to violating municipal laws and regulations.”

In many years this is the third time the eatery has been shut down by authorities for food violations.

It was shut down for two months in October 2014 after several customers including a pregnant woman who gave birth prematurely – reported food poisoning after eating there.

MME had released photographs of the inside of the restaurant. The pictures showed what appears to be dirty and moldy chopping boards, unclean worktops, BBQ grills blackened with caked-on food deposits and food lying around the surfaces.


A court case found the  restaurant and five of its employees guilty of selling food unfit for human consumption.

A misdemeanor court ordered the restaurant manager and four employees to be jailed, fined and deported in May 2015. The establishment remained closed for another three months.

Another four eateries across town were also shut down by Baladiya officials in the past week for violating hygiene and food laws.

Al Shourook Modern Bakery on Khalifa Street in Markhiya was closed by inspectors on Aug. 22 for two months. “Unhygienic conditions” were cited in documents on the MME’s website.

A store across  TV intersection, currently has 16 closure notices stuck across its glass facade.

Another Indian-Chinese cafeterias Bye Bye Garden and Top Cornich, both in the Souq area, also ordered closed for 30 days each on Aug. 17, also for having unhygienic conditions.


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