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Saudi Police Arrest A Boy For Disrespecting The Holy Quran

A shocking video has created a stir on social media, which shows a 15 years old boy spitting on the Holy Quran. The incident has offended the Muslims and he was soon taken into the custody by the Saudi police.

The viral video was shared on the social media platforms, most of them criticized the boy for his shameful act.

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While most of them demanded the boy to be punished for his mistake, a few thought otherwise and said that he might have done this to gain attention.

Interestingly, some of them said that he was mentally ill as he was seen naked in the video. The boy is taken to the social services detention center, said Gen. Fawaz Al Meeman, spokesperson for the Riyadh police.

The final decision will be taken by the prosecutor office of Riyadh.

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