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Saudi King’s Holiday Becomes The Most Expensive In The World!

The costs for the lavish holiday has apparently touched $100 million. King Salman visited his favourite holiday destination, Tangier, in the North West of Morocco. He was accompanied by more than 1000 who stayed in luxury hotels, while the king stayed in his 74-acre summer palace.

The palace has been renovated recently with helipads among the added features. According to reports in Morocco, King Salman’s trip accounts for 1.5 per cent of the country’s foreign tourism revenue.

He was welcomed by the Moroccan Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani at the Ibn Battouta Airport. King Salman has opted to take a break from the crisis and has gone out on a vacation.

Satellite images from October 2016 showed a number of upgrades the King made to his retreat in Morocco.

Meanwhile, earlier this month another Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, swapped his superyacht for a bike trip in Turkey. He was spotted roaming around shirtless on a cycle with his group.

Most often than not, the prince is seen on his superyacht known as Kingdom 5KR, which was once owned by Donald Trump. It was purchased in 1991 for $40 million.

The King made a surprise reshuffle and removed his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as crown prince in favour of his 31-year-old son.

His son Salman, nicknamed ‘Mr Everything’, is seen as symbolising the hopes of the youth of the country’s population, more than half of which is under 25.

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