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Propaganda War By Siege Countries Reaches New Low

Photo: Gulf Times

The blockading countries are so desperate that they have been trying to push Qatar to a corner with so many fake and fabricated news, but every time the facts have prevailed leaving the four states in further pain.

In their new attempt, Dubai TV has aired a false report claiming anti-government demonstrations took place in Doha, and alleged that troops — including soldiers from Turkey — sprayed tear gas at protesters, Al Jazeera reported on Tuesday.

However, Qatar’s government press office denied the report and called it a ‘fake news’. “This is just the latest example of fake news created by the blockading countries,” Saif al-Thani, director of Qatar’s government press office, told Al Jazeera.

“The blockading countries are becoming increasingly desperate in their efforts to isolate Qatar because the international community has not been fooled by the smear campaign. They are now continuing their focus on public opinion; they are spending millions on creating fake news.”

Doha-based Twitter user @JnAlMarri tweeted the clip of the false report, saying: “What does media in Qatar have to say about this? For God’s sake, who is willing to believe this?” His tweet has been shared almost 1,000 times.

In the broadcast, reporter Maryam al-Awadhi says: “Turkish troops have been deployed on key street intersections of Doha, Qatar, in response to demonstrations by Qatari citizens.” The Dubai TV presenter claimed to base her reporting on “sources within the Qatari opposition”.

The fake report had also claimed that a ‘curfew’ was imposed in several parts of Doha after Qatari and Turkish troops fired tear gas at protesters.

A Qatari government official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to media, told Al Jazeera: “It is obvious that this report is fiction and is part of a bucket of lies the blockading countries have been spreading against Qatar.”

Earlier, Al Arabiya TV had aired a video animation that showed a Qatar Airways passenger jet being shot down, the matter was brought to the notice of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) by Qatar.

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