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Nigerian Businessman In Qatar Turns Into A Millionaire Thanks To A Mistake By Bank

Asemota, who runs a cleaning and hospitality contracting company in Qatar, was the lucky man who became a millionaire by mistake, but only momentarily. He was accidentally credited by QR1.5 million in his bank account.

Instead of making the most of it, the honest man immediately alerted the bank as he did not want to keep the money.

“I’m not a rich man – I need money for my family,” the 37-year-old Nigerian expat told

“But I didn’t have to think twice about being honest about the mistake. It wasn’t mine – I had to tell the bank that.”

He had opened a bank account last month with a Qatar bank which he refused to name, and deposited a check of QR150,200 from a company client. However, he then received a text message from the bank saying his account had been credited QR1,502,000 – ten times the amount he deposited.

He immediately went to the bank and told the branch customer services manager that there had been a mistake. However, the official replied: “That’s what your account says,” Asemota told.

He then met the manager and explained everything after which the bank realized the mistake.

An extra “0” had been added when the check was processed, he said.

Photos: Doha News

“The manager was shocked. He shook my hand and said ‘thank you, thank you,’” Asemota added.

Speaking about his honesty during the incident, the businessman said his instinct had been to confess to the mistake immediately.

“It never occurred to me to just take the cash. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

It wasn’t my money and I couldn’t just take someone else’s money. I wasn’t brought up that way. It’s who I am,” he added.

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