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Another Propaganda By Saudi Media: Qataris Flood Twitter With Hashtags Demanding Sheikh Tamim ‘Step Down’

A recent article appeared on Al-Arabia’s English news website that claimed that twitter was “flooded” with calls for Emir Tamim to step down from his own people.

According to this tweet that was provided as proof that things were bad for Emir Tamim Bin al Thani Qatari’s wanted him to step down.

The tween translates to “Leave Tamim, because this is what the honorable Qatari people want – I have a Qatari friend who I’ve been in contact with from the start of the crisis. He says, at first we were drawn to what our government [the Qatari government] was saying towards the state of events. However today, we cannot overlook the reality of things … especially when observing how the country has acted in regards to Hajj.”

After following the tweet it becomes clear that the person who handles the twitter account is not Qatari and no such hashtag was trending in Qatar.

Most of these tweets were from people of opposing countries but a majority of them from Qatari’s too. But not for the reason claimed by Al-Arabia but to mock the hashtag.

The question is why any Qatari would ask their beloved Emir Tamim to step down when he has defended their rights with dignity throughout the blockade mess.

All through the blockade Qataris, expats and Arabs from opposing countries have been unabashed about their support for the emir of Qatar.

In Qatar the support has been massive both on the roads and on social media.

This hashtag and the fake Qatari tweet is reiterating the fact that the opposing Arab countries have resorted AGAIN to their propaganda of trying to tarnish the Emir’s image by spreading fake news to try and bring panic inside Qatar. But as seen above Qatar’s people will not fall for such silly attempt at their beloved leader and the legacy of HH Emir Sheik Tamim will live on in the hearts of his people crisis or not.

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