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A Shocker In Morocco!!

Photo: Al Arabiya

Six teenage suspects were taken into custody in Morocco after a reported gang rape in a bus that created a stir on social media.

The video shows the men forcefully undressing the woman while other cheered on with laughter and shouting. The woman repeatedly plead to stop and was seen crying. This incident has been widely condemned by Moroccans, especially after a recent surge in rape cases in the North African country and the rise in crime rates.

“What happened today in that city in Morocco can never be tolerated because it is a crime against humanity and society as a whole and it is a blatant violation of all Moroccan laws, as we have come to try to rape a mentally ill girl on a public transport bus,” a blogger from the city Salé said.

For his part, activist Nabil Yuba said that “the rise of rape crimes is due to the crisis of values and morals and the loss of state prestige”, while activist Samir Ghazi believes that “what is happening in Morocco is barbaric and savage”.

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