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70 YO Lucky Man Gifted Third Young Wife By His First Two Wives

Photo: Arab News

Polygamy is common in Saudi Arabia and even Islam allows men to have 4 wives and their only obligation is to fulfil the rights and needs of all their wives equally. However, it is still not easy for women to allow their husbands for another marriage.

But in this case you will be reading a surprising news which has come from Taif, where two wives have allowed their 70 years old husband to get married for a third time. In fact, the man himself was shocked when his wives came with this offer.

Awad bin Aouaimer Al-Thouaib said that they even recommended him several options for prospective third marriage. The wives came up with this proposal due to their respect and love for him. They wanted to keep him happy and contended. They didn’t just made the offer but also arranged all the functions of the marriage ceremony.

The marriage was a big shock to most of the guests and many were surprised with the generosity of these ladies. As promised the wives got their husband married to a young and beautiful girl. The newly wed went for the honeymoon as well with the permission and prayers of two old wives.

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