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Qatari Camels Return To Doha From The UAE By Sea

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Faisal Al Thani, Chairman of the Camel Race Organising Committee, was thankful to the Emir for helping him during the transport of Qatari camels that were in the UAE.

The camels were transported by sea through the Sultanate of Oman. The chairman informed that 204 camels have reached Doha, while there are still 400 of them in Oman, which will be arriving in phases.

Photos: The Peninsula

He also thanked Oman and the Minister of Youth and Sports for extending their support. He also appreciated the Omani Camel Race Federation headed by Saeed Al Ghafaili, and head of Oman Hockey Federation Abdullah Al Jabri, who coordinated between the Camel Racing Committee in Qatar and the Oman Camel Race Federation, praising the great role played by the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Oman, especially the Ambassador of Qatar to the Sultanate Ali bin Fahad Al Hajri.

He recalled that transporting the camels was not an easy task and applauded the efforts of the committee members, especially the committee’s representative Khalil bin Nasser Al Shahwani who followed up the transportation of the camels from Oman to Doha.

Many Qataris had lost their camels in Saudi Arabia as a result of blockade on Qatar, Qataris were forced out even before they could make some proper arrangements for their animals and farms.

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