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Abu Dhabi Police Issue Stern Warning To Those Who Damage The Culture Of UAE

Photo: Khaleej Times

The Abu Dhabi police issued a strong warning to people who are damaging the culture and tradition of UAE society. The warning comes after a video that showed a young woman and a man having conversation in a car, despite not being related, such behaviour is against the norms of UAE society.

The viral video has started to worry the viewers. Four youngsters from a GCC country, including three men and a woman, who shared the video on their social media accounts have been interrogated and will be prosecuted, said police in a statement.

Brigadier General, Tariq Khalfan Al Ghoul, Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigations Department at Abu Dhabi Police said that such acts are unethical and offensive to the society.

The offenders were narrowed down by the police after tracking down a social media account of a person who had posted the video. The owner of the social media account was first brought under custody before arresting others who shared the video.

The suspects have been referred to public prosecution for charges. Brigadier General Al Ghoul warned people to follow the laws and to avoid such reckless behaviour that can affect the society.

He also urged the public to cooperate with police by reporting any activities or conduct against the law or violates public morals to Aman services by calling 8002626 or by sending a text message to 2828, or to call police’s 999.

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