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Whatsapp blue tick caused Divorce in Saudi Arabia

Divorce rate in Saudi Arabia has emerged to endangered levels these days as compare to previous years. Saudi Arabia is getting at high levels among those countries where divorce rate is fairly high. A recent case came in to light in which a couple got separated on the basis of a silly reason. A man in KSA divorced his wife just for the reason that he sent her a text message on Whattsapp (a communication social application on internet) and the wife saw and ignored the message despite of giving any response to it. As now Whatsapp has launched blue ticks now which reveal if the recipient has read your messages. The man got suspicious about activities of his woman, as she might be busy in communication with any other person instead of her husband.

For this reason he set it as a solid ground to punish her by getting separated to her just in the form of divorcing her. The local media has given huge coverage to this new due to its novelty. Marriage is union of two souls, two families and getting divorce on the basis of such silly mistakes is fairly unjustified. The husband reported that he was not contented with routine of his wife. She used to remain busy with her relatives and friends on social media websites and online chatting that she got no time for her husband and children. According to him it was not just a Whatsapp message which got ignored by her wife and consequently he decided to divorce her. He was not in peace of mind due to continuous busyness of his wife in such activities.

The wife on the other hand defended her case by saying that she could not respond to the message of her husband as she had to make many phone calls at a time. Due to this reason she got busy with phone calls and could not reply to her husband. His husband got angry over it and divorced her in furry.

The husband based his divorce on color of tick beneath Whatsapp message which got blue that his wife had seen the message. If she was really busy she could have not read the message, the tick must be grey as it was at the time of sending of message. This is not the first case of divorce related to social media addiction. The influence of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp has risen in very short time span.

An opinion poll by Pew research center reported that one out of every four husbands have created problems to his married life due to invention and emerging trend of smart phones. Due to colorful and amazing applications these smart phones have attracted attention of wives more than their partners. This ignorance trauma suffered by wives has brought many ethical and moral problems in society. These applications are major sources of isolation in society and also for falling graph of human values among their fellow human beings.


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