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Saudi Arabia In Support Of Women Rights

In the last few days, Saudi Arabia approved four decisions in support of women rights, The decisions are on the side of Minors, Divorcees, Law Graduates who have not worked due to male lawyers and the Women who have custody of their children.

Regarding the marriage of minors, Saudi Arabia’s legislative authority approved 10 proceedings like the age of marriage for girls should be above 17, Applications for marriage should be submit by girl or her mother or her legal guardian.

– The authority has also approved for arranging Alimony Fund for the divorcee women and children, which have independent budget directly linked with the Justice ministry. The alimony fund will be paid to beneficiaries before the judgement to cash one issued, The fund is also paid to the women whose ex husbands did not pay them on time and later it will be collected from their ex husbands.

– The Supreme Judicial Council approved a decision related to women’s custody for their children, It states that if there are no disputes regarding the custody of children, women can prove that the children are in her custody without any lawsuit file in personal status courts. 

– The decision related to female law graduates, who are not working due to the exploitation of some lawyers in internships, The Ministry of Justice approved a 3 year law diploma that results in granting the internship for both women and men, It will be a license to practice their profession. This diploma will allow law graduates a pure internship with relevant practice.


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