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Video: Father pardons his son's killer minutes before execution

A Saudi citizen from Saudi Arabia’s Khamis Mushait province in Aseer area surprised everyone, including his son’s killer on the day of the latter’s execution with a last minute life and death decision.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the father can be seen arriving with a group of people at the site of the execution and pardoning the convict – in a proclaim – as he is about to be taken to the yard.

According to local reports, the killer had spent two years in the jails of Aseer before he was sentenced to death by beheading.


. سعودي يفاجئ قاتل ابنه بالعفو في ساحة القصاص فاجأ مواطن من محافظة خميس مشيط بمنطقة عسير، الخميس، قاتل ابنه بـ”قرار إنساني” تمثل في العفو عنه في ساحة القصاص، وذلك بعدما قضى القاتل عامين في سجون عسير.العربية

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After the proclamation, a jubilant crowd can be seen carrying an old man on their shoulders, hailing the noble ‘humanitarian gesture’


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