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Eight Arabs die in horrific Oman road collision

Eight Arab nationals died after a two-vehicle collision in Oman’s Wilayat Haima region.

According to the Times of Oman, of the eight casualties, six were Omanis and two were Yemenis. There were also two that have been injured and have been airlifted to the nearby town of Nizwa.

A statement from the Royal Oman Police retrieved by the report said: “A collision between two vehicles, 30 km south of Haima, resulted in five deaths and seven injuries between moderate to severe.”


The ROP then said that the death toll increased: “The number of fatalities has increased to eight deaths, in which six were citizens and two Yemeni nationals.”

Investigation by the Royal Oman Police revealed that the accident was caused by a tyre blowout.


“Preliminary information about the traffic accident in Haima shows that the accident occurred as a result of one of the vehicle’s tires bursting, as the vehicle then deviated to the opposite lane and collided with the other vehicle.”

The Royal Oman Police called on drivers to use original tires with the correct measurements and dates, to reduce the frequency of repeated tire bursting incidents on this road.

“The ROP also calls on drivers to avoid exhaustion and speeding while driving.”


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