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Qatar Happy With Reopening Of Border But Wants It To Be Non-Political

Photo: Qatar Tribune

Saudi Arabia has accepted to open its borders for Qataris to carry out their Haj pilgrimage and Qatar has appreciated the move, however, it also insisted that Haj should not be politicised.

Foreign Minister of Qatar asked for the complete lifting of the political and economic blockade imposed on Qatar.

“Regardless of the manner in which pilgrims from Qatar or living in Qatar were banned from the pilgrimage, which was politically motivated, and the manner in which they were subsequently permitted to make the pilgrimage, which was also politicised and which was announced with other goals in mind… the government of Qatar welcomes the decision and will respond positively,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

“What matters to us is the bottom line, which is that our citizens now have a way to attend the Hajj (pilgrimage), and we uphold our demand that Hajj be spared politicisation and remain separate from our political issues,” he added.

Saudi Arabia’s King ordered to allow Qataris into Saudi through Salwa land border to carry out their pilgrimage. The border was shut down since June as a result of boycott against Qatar by the four Arab states.

The minister stressed that Qatar is committed to resolve the crisis through dialogue and in a diplomatic manner.

“We are ready for dialogue and we have affirmed our desire for a dialogue based on respect for state policy without any dictates on any country,” he said.

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