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Mother And Sun Reunite After 17 Long Years

Noorjahan was waiting for this moment for the last 17 years and when the moment finally came she could not hold back her tears. She was meeting her son Hani, after 17 years and when he appeared in front of her it became emotional.

The two just hugged each other, while trying to hold back their tears. The two met at the Sharjah International Airport, Noorjahan wanted to give all the love she had kept for her son, who was taken by her estranged husband 17 years ago. She patted him on his face, kissed him, hugged him again and then cried more. It was tears of happiness.

Hani’s sister Shameera, her friends and natives of their village, Narikkuni in Kozhikode district of Kerela and media persons from Malayalam news channels were all witness to the heart touching moment, along with Talha Shah, a Pakistani businessman, who made the reunion possible.

Shah had read about the earlier reunion of Hani and his sister in Dubai, before coming forward and offering flight ticket for the mother to meet her son.

Surely, Hani Nader Mergani will have a lot to tell to his mother after meeting her after such a long time. He was separated from his mother when his Sudanese father took him away from his mother and sisters in Kerela.

He was in the news for his reunion with his sister Shameera, thanks to many local media outlets who spread the story.

Hani got job offers from many and decided to take up a job with a typing centre in Sharjah. And a Pakistani businessman offered a flight ticket for Noorjahan, Hani’s mother, to come to Dubai to meet her son as Hani is yet to get his job visa.

“When I first read about the siblings in, I decided to do something for them. I tried to get him a job, but by the time he was offered another job. So I offered him help to bring their mother to the UAE as he need not wait any more to meet his mom,” he said.

Shah is from Islamabad, and he said it has nothing to do with the relations between India and Pakistan. “This is of humanity. The story touched my heart and I wanted to do something for this family,” he added.

Hani was very excited about the meeting. “I was concerned about her stay in the UAE. But a friend of my sister, who is on vacation, offered their flat for our mother to stay.”

For Shameera, suddenly it seems to her that the entire world is there to help her family. “I don’t know how it all happened. After the report about our reunion came out, there were many job offers for him. And now, help comes in to bring our mother to the UAE. Without this, we couldn’t even think of bringing her here. I want to thank everybody who have helped us or offered help.”

Hani who was lonely in Sudan with his father always missed his mother. He said: “I always wanted to meet my mother and sisters, which he never allowed me to do.”

After they got in touch through social media with the help of some Malayalees in Sudan and Abu Dhabi, Shameera arranged a visit visa and flight ticket for Hani with the help of her friends and sisters.

Noorjahan, flied out of Kerela for the first time and she was on her toes to meet her son in Sharjah. “I can’t express my feelings. After all these years, I’m thrilled to meet my son.” She said.

She was also tensed before the meeting: “When I think of what he had gone through all these years, I feel sad and tensed. Still, I can’t believe all these are happening. I have all of you who helped us in my prayers. I know there are so many people,” she said in a crying voice.

“Hani’s two sisters have cooked many things for him. I also made whatever I could. But more than all these things, I have my love to give my son.”


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