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First Set Of Qatari Pilgrims Reach Saudi Arabia

Photo: Arab News

The first batch of 100 Qatari pilgrims reached Saudi Arabia through Salwa border and were welcomed by the officials.

The pilgrims were allowed in without Hajj permits and will be treated as the guests of King Salman with all the expenses paid. The King instructed the transport be made free from Damman and Al-Ahsa airports on Saudi Arabian Airlines to the holy cities.

Col. Hassan Al-Dossari, director of passports at the Salwa crossing, said: “We are honored to serve the guests of God (pilgrims), and happy with the decision of King Salman to let the Qatari brothers enter Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. We are fully prepared to serve them.”

Al-Dossari added that passport personnel are present in the pilgrims’ lounge around the clock, “and we are proud to serve pilgrims and make things easy for them.”

The president of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Abdul Hakim Al-Tamimi, ordered the directors of Dammam and Al-Ahsa airports to provide the best services to the Qatari pilgrims.

Samir Hafez, who is in charge of pilgrims from Qatar, said that 50 Qataris, including pilgrims and authorities arrived in Makkah to oversee preparations for the Qatari camps, he also informed that there will be 2400 Qatari pilgrims this year.

Yesterday, the Qatari camps were open to all media outlets to demonstrate their readiness.

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