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7 Benefits Of Having Lemon Water In The Morning

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Drinking warm lemon water in the early morning are great for your health.

In India drinking a warm glass of lemon water early in the morning is common practice. The reason being this water has too many benefits not to drink it. Drinking water by itself is great but with some lemon juice squeezed in the benefits only double.

So, today we are going to discuss the benefits of drinking lemon water, especially as the first thing in the morning.

1. Weight Loss

There is no proof that this drink can  single handedly help burn fat but  adding it to your daily morning routine or drinking it on a regular basis, may help you shed weight a lot faster in the long-run. Lemon water also naturally fills you up and keeps you from feeling hungry too soon, hence keeping your cravings and snacking habits in check.

2. Immunity

With a wealthy bank of vitamin C in lemon juice, drinking lemon water helps strengthen the immune system by fighting free-radicals, weakening the bad bacteria in our body, keeping them from surviving for too long, helping fight various ailments, and even balancing the body’s temperature so we are always in tiptop shape.

3. Energy

Lemon water helps balance the body’s blood sugars and keeps us from feeling sleepy or lethargic. It also boosts our energy levels almost instantly, making it the perfectly natural energy drink to have before a morning run. Lemon water also keeps your brain sharp and alert so you begin your day with a good mood.

4. Digestion

Lemon juice when mixed with water, can help flush out the toxins in your body through your digestive tracts. This also helps ease digestive issues such as, indigestion, heartburn, and bloating. In addition, it makes your morning poop session feel like a breeze, as it hydrates the walls of your colon and stimulates bile production, which makes passing bowels much easier.

5. Cancer

Lemon is a great antioxidant with powerful cancer cell inhibitory properties. This means that they have the power to keep the cancer cells from growing, manifesting, or even remaining in your system.

Many believe believed that drinking lemon water regularly may reduce your chances of being diagnosed by most forms of cancer out there.

6. Brain Power

Lemons have a high level of potassium and magnesium, which are essential minerals for the smooth functioning of brain and nerves. So when you drink lemon water in the morning, it is said to keep you from feeling groggy or sleepy and helps your mind remain refreshed and focused. It also helps fight disorders such as anxiety, depression, and even reduces your stress levels.

7. Antibacterial And Antiviral

The natural antioxidants called flavonoids in lemons, have strong antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, which help the body fight against various illnesses such as, sore throats, seasonal flues, the common cold, and even a lot of digestive disorders. If not cure them, it helps reduce the period of time you’re sick and helps you deal with the symptoms better.


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