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Qatar’s Pharma Sector Manages To Meet The Demand In The Country

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Qatar Life Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in the country has developed a strategy to meet the pharmaceutical needs of Qatar amid crisis. Dr Ahmed Hamad al Mohannadi, Executive Director of the company said that the pharmaceutical industry will soon see great changes.

“A rapid development will take place in the production line to make available the products that were once sourced from the countries imposing a blockade. We provide specific lines and technologies for specific products and cooperate with all parties in Qatar. We have a strategy to deal with countries to provide humanitarian needs,” he said, adding that the pharma sector has witnessed positive changes after the blockade was imposed on Doha.

He informed that the medicines were being imported from the siege countries and it was a great opportunity for the gulf companies.

However, production lines have now been changed and the pharma industry is experiencing accelerated growth, he added.

Mohannadi suggested that “raw materials supply company” should be started for all industries in a joint venture between Qatar Development Bank and Qatari companies and factories, as well as Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to provide the best raw materials.

He said that building a national strategy would not just help to meet the demands but would also target exporting of products.

He explained that the production line in the factory can produce millions of containers annually for liquid medicines, creams, solid medicines, disinfectants and emergency drugs.

He said the plant’s large production capacity is sufficient to the meet the needs of the Qatari market and even exports. Mohannadi stressed that Qatar Life aims to take Qatar into a new era in a professional manner.

Speaking about Qatar Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries, he said that plant’s operational plan includes three stages of production, processing and development. The first phase, which included three production lines each representing an integrated plant creams, disinfectants, has been completed.

The second phase includes production of tablets and capsules, while the third phase depends on partnerships with international companies for the production of specialty drugs and vaccines.

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