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How Saudi-led allies’ media has been portraying Qatar’s emir and father emir

The Arab media has been tightly wrapped around the fingers of their rulers. Ever since Qatar began to rise the hatred towards it from its neighbours began to spill out from their media.

The Arab states like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain launched a campaigned that published lies about Qatar and its rulers so that people would not side with their secret adversary.

Here are examples of how Saudi and its allies reported about the rulers of Qatar and their actions to make them look like villains.

Terrorists who found safe haven in Qatar.

And other video articles that are biased against Qatar from Al Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s main media outlet:

The links between Qatar and al-Qaeda funds in Syria

US stance on Qatar crisis

Another article in the same website with the title says:

Tamim’s speech and the missing wisdom

“Why didn’t he explain to the Qatari and Gulf people why Qatar gathered all the world’s terrorists in Doha? Why didn’t he explain to them why Qatar spends on them double what it spends on its own people? Why didn’t he expose Qatar’s conspiratorial role against its neighbors? How many did it kill, injure and harm? How much destruction has it caused? How much did it interfere in the internal affairs of its neighbors? Such discussions are not desirable because they show the size of conspiracies and treason.”

Qatar agrees that it does provide funds to certain groups in war stricken regions in the middle-east like Syria but the term “Terrorist” is subjective. Fighting back when someone is attacked is called defence and if taking a defensive stance will earn the label terrorist then it’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Like Western media tainted all Islam related activity as terrorist the middle-eastern rulers have found their own convenient meanings to define terrorism.

While they are the real supporters of extremist groups blaming Qatar for something like charity work as funding terrorism is absurd! Here is another news piece that accused Qatar wrongly for its charity work.

“How Qatar is funding terrorism through charity centers”

Now a group clearly funded by the Saudi group is making a biased and arrogant “documentary” claiming to “Expose” Qatar’s support for terrorism.

Another website called The Qatar Insider claims to spill the beans on what is really wrong with Qatar is clearly created by Qatar’s opposers again to create a whole website that is filled with lies about Qatar.

Not only Qatar being attacked in the middle-east. It is also attacked in western media.

After a highly scandalous leak about media lobby in the US was revealed, it proved that all along, the Saudi group has been plotting behind Qatar’s back to tarnish its image and spread false news.

A highly influential top Emirati diplomat heaped praise on a prominent Washington Post columnist for writing pro-Saudi propaganda, a leaked email shows.

Yousef al-Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to the United States, applauded journalist David Ignatius for his writing on Saudi Arabia. Ignatius is known for his flattering write ups about Saudi Arabia, pushing its supposed efforts at reform and taking its line on regional conflicts without a shred of skepticism.

Both al-Otaiba and Ignatius have huge followers in Washington, D.C., and had the ear of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Both men have gone out of their way to portray the monarchy in Saudi Arabia in a positive light.

Emails obtained by other media outlets show the UAE ambassador collaborating with the right-wing, pro-Israel think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies to develop strategies against Iran.

In a leaked email, UAE ambassador to the United States Yousef Al-Otaiba told Mr. Gates on the eve of his appearance at the Foundation gathering that UAE Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed “MBZ sends his best from Abu Dhabi” and “he says ‘give them hell tomorrow’.” Mr. Al-Otaiba was responding to an email in which Mr. Gates said that his appearance gave him a chance “to put some folks on notice.”

A Saudi lobbying agency is paying $138,000 for 30-second TV spots for ads in the US accusing Qatar of funding terrorism.

The Saudi monarchs are using a public relations company, Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee (SAPRAC), to fund advertising campaigns against Qatar openly in western media channels that are NBC affiliates.


The ads were aired during the weekend and are slated to be repeated between their regular. The Saudi lobby group paid $1,000 per second for 120 seconds for four spots. SAPRAC also paid for three other ads which were aired during the British Open golf tournament on 23 July which were $6,000 each.

This is what the media outlets from the Saudi allied states published on their front pages on 2 July:

“Saudi UN envoy says Qatar insists on supporting terrorism” (

“The suspicious ties of Qatar” (

“Doha chooses refusal and the deadline ends today” (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat)

“Global companies are getting ready to leave Qatar” (

“Gobash: Qatari money in London is tainted with blood” (

“Qatar… an isolated island!” (

“International calls for FIFA to strip Qatar of the 2022 world cup” (

“Escalation is looming due to the Qatari arrogance” (

“Tamim sacrifices Qatar”. The article comes with a picture showing a ticking bomb set to explode and shattering the country. (

“Qatar: between the militarisation of the cause, falsification and clinging to the icons of terrorism” (

“Qatar chooses the unknown” (

“Arab residents: boycotting Qatar is a civil act towards a state’s juvenile attitude” ( This article is accompanied by a large picture showing a pistol, blood and a black map of Qatar.

All these examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mud-slinging that Qatar is victim to over the blockade.

We hope that the people are clear about what is true and real over what is biased and fabricated in the news they read.

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