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What do the Arab States Really Want from Qatar?

Top officials from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Egypt meet in Manama [Al Jazeera]
Both side of the Qatar crisis do not seem like they would be compromising any time soon. With the Blockade nearing 60 days we need to understand why the Saudi Arabia led Arab states are not accepting Qatar’s reasoning.

While the blockade on Qatar is a severe action it was brewing between the four Arab countries for quite some time ever since the Arab Spring. So what does Saudi Arabia want from tiny Qatar?

Here our top reasons:

  • They want Qatar to align with Saudi’s ideologies and policies:

Most major middle-eastern countries like all the parties involved in the blockade are Sunni majority countries. Saudi Arabia thinks of itself as the leader of the middle-east and wants to impose their ideologies of strict monarchy and religious beliefs upon other smaller countries under its patronage and power.

While Qatar might be smaller in size it is one of the most revolutionary in thinking in the middle-east. It launched a news agency which would openly report both sides of any news. Another issue they had with Qatar was that it was outspoken with its views on how certain middle-eastern countries were run. This irked Saudi Arabia. Keeping (bullying) Qatar to align itself with the rest would be a safer situation.

  • They do not want an opposing voice in the middle-east (al Jazeera):

Al Jazeera was one of the most ambitious projects by Qatar’s former Emir HH Haman bin Thani hoping it to be everything the middle-east was missing and wanted. It was created with a vision to become a news agency that would report without taking sides and things that were not spoken openly about making it the most watched news agency in the middle-east.

This included all the misdoings of these powerful countries. The Arab States credit the Arab spring to being incited by the reports in Al-Jazeera leading to major political changed in the region.

They threatened the opposer’s regime and thus Al Jazeera was wanted to be closed.

  • They don’t want to be challenged (economically, diplomatically Qatar is getting bigger):

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt are some of the largest countries with some of the biggest economies in the world. When a tiny country like Qatar looks like it will overtake them in the race to power it will definitely create a sense of panic and anger. Qatar seems to be charging along fine without the help of these big countries and thus efforts to diminish Qatar has always been there.

  • They do not like having a neighbor who is close to their enemies (ties with Iran):

Qatar, despite being a Sunni country, has an open relationship with all countries. Qatar has friendly relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s archenemy, and this is seen as a threat. Saudi Arabia and Iran have been with war with each other on and off throughout history. What started with ideological disagreement has become a full-fledged enmity.

Having a Sunni neighbor be friends with their enemy is a big no-no for the Saudi Arabia followers. 

  • They want to make Qatar into a scape goat to distract people from their nonsense and please the USA:

It is clear that Saudi Arabia has been trying to get into the good books of USA ever since 9/11. USA cut off ties with Saudi Arabia over its involvement with terrorism and with opportunist President Donald Trump in power now things began to look better.

Saudi Arabia is known to be the biggest funder of terrorism around the world. Britain has out rightly stated Saudi Arabia as the biggest problem causer in their country. It is also a well-known fact that Saudi Arabia is allies with ISIS and is also a big player in the war in Syria.

Saudi Arabia is donning a new shiny avatar trying to portray that it is against all things terrorism and simultaneously bursting at the seams with its terror related activities. To distract the world from its activities Saudi has tried to make a scape-goat out of Qatar by calling the most peaceful state in the middle-east as a terrorism supporter.

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