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Qatar Relieved With The Opening Of UAE Air Corridor

Qatar has finally manage to force UAE and Bahrain to open its airspace to Qatari flights, with the help of ICAO. The two blockading nations were told by the global body to honour their agreements with Qatar.

During the blockade, Qatar used the Iranian airspace to reach destinations around the world, which was taking a lot more time and was expensive as well.

“Some existing air route availability has been assured, and some new temporary or contingency routes have also been developed,” said ICAO spokesman Anthony Philbin on Tuesday, August 8.

“The ICAO and the states involved are continuously monitoring related air route suitability and air traffic management measures, which may still be subject to further modification if necessary, by mutual agreement,” said Mr. Philbin.

Photos: Sputnik

However, Saudi Arabia can still stick to its decision as it is not a signatory of the agreement with Qatar.

The restrictions on flying over the United Arab Emirates had meant Qatar Airways planes had had to fly further north, over Iran, when they were heading to Australia, India and the Far East.

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