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Qatar Converts Crisis Defect Into A Great Effect

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Qatar has been under a blockade for more than two months now, but the moves of Qatar has definitely made them a force to reckon with in the region.

Just last week, Qatar approved a draft law that allows expats to have a permanent residency in the country, to the selected persons.

It also found new trading routes without wasting no time after it was blocked by its neighbours. “By pushing through domestic policy goals that will reshape not only the country but the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as a whole, this move is an indication that the Qatari leadership is using this crisis to its advantage,” Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, an assistant professor at Northwestern University in Qatar, wrote in the Washington Post.

Qatar has surely moved ahead of its rivals with its new laws and policies which will further their stand in the crisis or otherwise.

The permanent residency approval was lauded by the residents of the country who believe that the move will contribute to quick economic growth of the country.

While the blockading countries recalled their citizens from Qatar and forced Qatari citizens to leave their countries, splitting families across the region during the holy month of Ramadan. Qatar’s granting of permanent residency to previously excluded members of society is a wise political move.

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