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Top Business Executives Welcome Qatar’s New Visa-Free Entry Provision

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The top business executives believe that visa-free entry to the nation would be a huge boost to the hospitality and retail sectors.

“The decision will be a big boost to the hospitality industry enabling more tourists to visit Qatar,” the General Manager of Concorde Hotel Doha, Mashour Refai told ton Wednesday.

He said that the decision will place Qatar on global tourism map as it makes visiting the country more simple and hassle-free. “With people from 80 countries expected to visit Qatar, we can expect increased hotel occupancy round the year. Besides, the food and beverage industry will also benefit from it,” he added.

Meanwhile, LSV Perera, divisional manager, Corporate Communications & Marketing at Jumbo Electronics, thinks that the move could benefit the retail sector as well.

“Electronic items in Qatar are available at a very competitive price compared to some other countries. So, when tourists come, they will be tempted to buy electronic items from here. We needed this kind of assistance from the government and it has come at the right time,”Perera said.

He added that other retail segments like garments will also be benefitted in a big way with increased tourist inflow.

Karunakar Menon, divisional manager at al Hitmi Group said,”Visa exemption for Indians will encourage many middle class Indians to visit Qatar.”

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