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Qatar Airways Evaluating ICAO Approved Air Routes

Photo: Al Baker

Qatar Airways was allowed to use the air corridor of UAE and Bahrain after ICAO asked both the nations to honour their agreements with Qatar.

The airlines is currently evaluating the routes before arriving at a decision. According to the study, it appears that the airways is considering the flexibility and benefit of one ‘very short route’, while the Egyptian coast was useless to airline, Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker said at a Doha press conference.

However, he did not reveal where that short route was and when the airline would decide to use the routes.

The Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has been working with “various Middle Eastern states to ensure equitable access to airspace for Qatar-registered aircraft” since sanctions were announced on June 5, ICAO spokesman Anthony Philbin said.

“Some existing air route availability has been assured, and some new temporary or contingency routes have also been developed,” including through Bahrain and UAE airspace, he said.

Qatar had complained to the ICAO regarding the violations of the boycotting nations and asked for the approval of new routes. The air traffic restrictions have caused headaches for the 2.4 million residents of Qatar. “The ICAO and the states involved are continuously monitoring related air route suitability and ATM (air traffic management) measures, which may still be subject to further modification if necessary, by mutual agreement,” Philbin said.

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