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Lebanese Nationals’ Visa-free Entry Creates A Stir

Photo: Al Arabiya

Lebanese nationals are among the list of people who will get an “instant access tourist permit” into Qatar upon arrival at the airport, but the inclusion of Lebanese has not gone down well with certain section of people as they fear that it could lead to the infiltration of Hezobollah elements into the region through Qatar.

Qatar had announced a list of 80 countries who have the provision of visa-free entry to Qatar, which included Lebanon as well.

Hezbollah is known to adopt an Iranian agenda and people believe Doha’s decision draws negative intentions, which include giving access to a large number of Hezbollah militias and their allies to Qatari organizations and even having them enrol under their army.

The decision also correlates with statements attributed to the Qatari Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, which Doha claimed to be fabricated, one where he confirms that the party classified as a terrorist organization in the GCC is a “resistance movement.”

Meanwhile, The Secretary-General of the Arab Islamic Council, Muhammad Ali al-Husseini, believes that such decisions will destabilizes the region.

He said: “The state in Lebanon does not have power and influence over all its citizens, and Hezbollah is more powerful than it across all levels.”

“The most prominent example of this is the party’s influence at Beirut International Airport. Therefore, Qatar’s plan to cancel the entry visa for Lebanese nationals is an unaccountable risk.”

This is “particularly in the presence of large Lebanese groups hostile to Qatar, especially among members of Hezbollah, who is considered to be at war against the state, under the pretext that it supports and funds its enemy in Syria, the armed opposition,” added Husseini.

Adel al-Makenzi, Professor of Political Science at King Saud University, said that Qatar’s decision will allow unwanted forces to penetrate the region.

This is considering that Hezbollah has a specific agenda and has proved that it is exploiting all opportunities to destabilize the region and the Gulf in general, he added.

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