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Qatar Going Strong Even After Two Months Of Blockade

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Qatar has so far managed to beat the siege and continue its progress in different fields. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt had severed ties with Qatar on June 5 after accusing it of supporting terrorism, which was denied by Doha right away.

Two months into the crisis, Qatar has responded brilliantly by strengthening its economy and security. It has sealed deals with Turkey and Italy to bolster the defence.

Efforts by the United States to mediate between its close allies have not succeeded. Instead, the crisis is acrimoniously playing out in diplomatic and legal venues.

“It’s now personal, which in some ways makes it more difficult to find a way for both sides to step down,” said Perry Cammack, a Middle East analyst at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “This is likely to fester for some time.”

The Saudi-led bloc had issued a list of 13 demands to Qatar in order to resolve the crisis, which was rejected by the tiny nation and said that the list was made to be rejected.

Qatari officials dismissed the demands as “neither actionable or reasonable.”

Qatar found new trade routes and improved ties with Turkey and Iran to increase the imports and meet the demands of various products in the country.

Just last week, Qatar managed a coup by bringing Neymar to PSG, a French Football club owned by Qatar, the deal was the most expensive in the history of sport. It was seen as a good investment ahead of the 2020 World Cup, which Qatar is scheduled to host, as well as a public relations boost.

On the political front, the cabinet approved a draft law that allows expats to have permanent residency in the country, a move which was welcomed by many residents.

“One reason is they fear they can lose a significant number of people, especially foreign workers, because of the crisis,” said Anthony Cordesman, a Middle East analyst at the Center for International and Strategic Studies. “The other side is that they are sending a signal to the West, and to others outside, that Qatar is more modern and more willing to seek reform.”

Qatar has also taken the legal route by filing an official complaints with the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation, and highlighted the violations of blockading countries.

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