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Food Processing Firm In Qatar Looks For Exports To Europe Despite Blockade

In spite of the blockade, a Qatari food processing firm aims to export to Europe by expanding its operations and increasing production capacity.

Mohamed Ali al-Kuwari, the business development manager of Gulf Food Production, said the company recently signed agreements with LuLu Hypermarket and Mega Mart, as well as Qatar Airways.

The new agreements will allow the company’s products to reach out to more consumers in Qatar, including passengers of Qatar Airways, as well as the Armed Forces and the Qatar Police College.

Gulf Food Production, established in 2015, is the owner of the Raw’a brand, and specialises in food production, including a variety of dairy products and beverages, luxury pastry, chocolate, and Italian gelato.

Photos: Gulf Times

As company is set to welcome a new equipment from China, the firm can supply to at least 70% of schools across the country with a range of flavoured juices in tetra packs.

“We are the only company in Qatar that produces different juices in tetra packs…we are now the biggest factory in Qatar that produces dairy products, juices, and other foodstuff,” al-Kuwari told.

He informed that the company is looking to add 40 items to the existing 48 assorted food items by the end of the year. The company received new production lines from Turkey, which will allow it to produce 15,000 cups of yogurt per hour.

The company has a production capacity of 20,000 litres per shift or 60,000 litres per day. The new lines will further increase production capacity to 240,000 litres per day by the end of 2017, he pointed out.

“By adding more lines and increasing production capacity, our aim in the coming months is to supply the local market with around 40% of its dairy and beverage needs,” al-Kuwari stressed.

It was also revealed that the company was looking to set up a new factory for plastic cups to meet the increasing demand from the local market. Speaking about the high demand for halal food products in Europe, he said that the company is planning to export to Germany and France.

“We are ready to export our products considering the company is already ISO 22000 certified. But we want to fill the gap first in the local market. After catering to the Qatari market, we plan to start exporting our products to European countries by next year,” he said.

Al-Kuwari said Gulf Food Production, through Qatar Development Bank’s export arm, Tasdeer, will be going to Cologne, Germany in October, to participate in Anuga, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages.

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