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‘Destination Qatar’ Gets Easier With The Relaxation Of Airspace Curbs

Photo: Gulf Times

Flying to Qatar will now be more hassle-free and fast as Bahrain and UAE allow partial access of their airspace to Qatar. Few of the air corridors were opened to Qatar yesterday.

The development comes after the directive of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation), asked Bahrain and UAE to honour their airspace agreements with Qatar. The decision was announced through NOTAM (Notice to airmen).

Another NOTAM also appeared, regarding a new FIR in the airspace of the United Arab Emirates. In brief, these NOTAMS state that a new flight information region airspace route has been made available to aircraft from Qatar, effective August 7.

However, the biggest airspace closure of Saudi Arabia still stands, as Saudi Arabia is not entitled to follow the rules because it is not a signatory of the agreement. Therefore, the decision rests with Saudi Arabia.

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