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Bahrain And UAE Reopen Airspace To Qatar

Qatar Airways will now partial access to Bahrain and UAE airspace after the two nations approved a new route for the airline.

The move comes after a directive from a UN aviation body to Gulf states, the states were told to honour the airspace agreements with Qatar. It is a major step to Qatar, as it puts the two nations on back foot.

The countries announced the latest developments through NOTAMs (information notices for pilots). The route is effective from Aug. 7 until Nov. 6 this year.

However, only aircraft heading to Doha can use the airspace. The carrier must currently route all of its aircraft through very limited air corridors in and out of Doha.

Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) Chairman Abdullah bin Nasser Turki Al-Subaie said that new route was a direct result of the ICAO meeting.

The airway is over international waters, an area which is supposed to be available to all.

Photos: Doha News

Qatar Airways was hampered with longer and expensive routes since the blockade began as it was not allowed to use the airspace of four blockading nations.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is not entitled to follow the rules as it is not a signatory.

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