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Crisis Has Made Qataris Stronger And United

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Citizens and the expats in Qatar believe that the crisis has actually made them stronger and united as they look unshakable even after 62 days of blockade.

Hafiz Junaid Amir Sial, Community Welfare Attach’e at the Embassy of Pakistan said: “Do not count the days, make the days count what Qatar has done since the beginning of the unjust siege imposed on it by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt. The siege has become a blessing in disguise and has made the State of Qatar stand tall in world political arena. The diplomatic crisis has polished the nation. It has revealed wisdom, resilience, farsightedness and quick shift of approach in terms of finding new credible partners, supply chains and spreading investment portfolios.”

“The crisis has united the Qatari nation in a more dynamic way with a new feeling and sense of nationalism whereby each and every individual whether he is a Qatari or non Qatari has joined the hands of the wise leadership to counter the challenge of the siege.

The hardworking people of Qatar have shown to the world with strong faith that they have the capacity to come out as winners and real champions,” he added.

Mohammed Mahdi Al Yami, a resident and Executive Director of Qatar Youth Hostels Association, said that the blockading countries have failed big time. He said: “This blockade is a complete failure as there is a lot of solidarity among Qataris and expats living in Qatar. The blockade, actually, has given us a chance to discover our resources and ensure sustainability. Qatar at all levels, whether it was political or at public handled the crisis amazingly without criticising and disrespecting our neighbouring countries.”

Construction companies in the country have sufficient stock of building materials for the coming months and have overcome the effect of the blockade.

General Manager at Re-bar Steel and Fabrication company said: “As a building materials supplier, we have overcome effects of blockade quickly because the government has provided full support and facilities to adopt different measures.”
“I laud Qatar’s diplomacy for their (diplomats) timely and tireless actions which made fabrications and false accusations against Qatar fall apart,” he added.

Haroon Qureshi, a Pakistani expat for 41 years, said: “On the day the blockade was imposed I was in Pakistan and most of my friends and family started panicking. They told me not to go back, partly, because of the rerouting of flights but I was calm and had complete faith in the ability of the government to handle the crisis. I arrived in Qatar on August 3, 1976. I have seen in all my years is the ability of Qatar to maintain peace and stability no matter what the circumstances.”

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