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Blockading Countries’ Action Against Qatar Backfires

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The four nations led by Saudi Arabia severed ties with Qatar in a bid to isolate Doha in the region has completely failed as Qatar made smart and quick moves.

The siege has entered its third month and yet there is no sign of panic in Qatar, while the Saudi-led alliance are getting frustrated with each passing day. Ironically, it appears as if the blockading countries have been isolated.

While Qatar has stood strong by its decision, the same cannot be said to another disputing party, as they have been oscillating. Initially, they made it clear that the Qatar has to accept the demands and it remains non-negotiable, but recently the minister of Arab states said that they were open for a dialogue.

Such actions proves that all the measures were miscalculated and were done in a hurry. Now, even FBI have confirmed that UAE was behind the hacking of Qatar News Agency, which led to the crisis.

The siege countries were condemned by international communities and groups for politicising the haj pilgrimage and several of them asked boycotting countries to focus on reliable issues instead of reacting to imaginary issues.

In his first speech since the crisis merged, Emir H H Shiekh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani repeated call for dialogue stressing that “any solution to the crisis must be based on two principles: first, the solution should be within the framework of respect for the sovereignty and will of each State. Secondly, it should not be in a form of orders by one party against another, but rather as mutual undertakings and joint commitments binding to all.”

Meanwhile, US Secretary had said during his visit to the region that Qatar was very ‘reasonable’ in the crisis and said that the demands were “very difficult for Qatar to meet”.

The blockading countries may have pressed the wrong button and it appears that everything was done in a ‘hope’ and not with sheer plan and confidence.

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