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Al Kheesa Interchange Opened On Al Shamal Road By Ashgal

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) opened Al Kheesa Interchange to traffic, as part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement project.

The reconstruction of Al Kheesa Interchange instigated by Ashghal will bring higher capacity and more efficient traffic for the adjacent residential areas, mainly, Al Kheesa and Umm Slal, which are connected with nearby expressways and businesses, as well as provide another accesses and exits for Al Shamal Road.

The upgrade of Al Kheesa Interchange incorporated two new flyovers: one is considered as the longest overpass on Al Shamal Road with a length of approximately 700-metre and three lanes, heading from Al Kheesa to Doha and another 170-metre long with two lanes, heading from Doha to Al Kheesa.

The new bridges increased the capacity up to 12000 vehicles per hour in place of 4000 vehicles per hour. Also, Ashghal transformed the main bridge roundabout into a light signal enhancing safety and streamlining traffic as well.

The renovation is believed to improve traffic and reduce travel time for road users in the neighboring locations, allowing for traffic decongestion on Umm Slal Mohammed Interchange and Al Kharaitiyat Interchange.

Residents in Al Kheesa, Umm Slal Mohammed along with Al Kharaitiyat will find it easier for the lessened traffic around since Al Kheesa Interchange will allow for better traffic flow from and into Al shamal Road.

Also, the interchange is going to work as an access point for the service roads on Al Shamal road for travellers from Doha and northern areas.

The interchange is a key connection for Al Shamal Road users and the west side areas towards Al Kheesa since there is a direct link with the vital Arab League Street, flowing movement to Community College in Qatar, Qatar University and Al Khor Coastal Road.

The refurbished junction improves movement from North Road and the east side areas towards Umm Slal, providing a connection with Barzaan Market, Umm Slal Centre for Health and Wellness and new Umm Slal Wholesale Market along with other educational and business facilities around.

Yousef Al Emadi, Expressway Department Manager at the Public Works Authority, said that Al Kheesa Interchange is the last interchange to be opened as part of the North Road Enhancement Project, highlighting the importance of the interchange, which links the Eastern and Western areas on both sides of the North Road, as well as the commercial, educational, and health facilities in the area.

On the impact of the current blockade on Ashghals projects, Al Emadi added that the crisis has been contained and substitutes to primary materials are obtained from other countries such as Oman, India, France, and others. He pointed out that all the materials are available in other parts of the world and are not limited to the countries of the blockade.

He also pointed out that Ashghal met with the contractors, suppliers, and all concerned entities and the situation was dealt with quickly, and confirmed that Ashghals projects are not affected by the blockade.

For his part, Mansour Hasan Al Naimi, representative and manager of the services department in Umm Slal Municipality, said that Al Kheesa Interchange connects Al Dhaayen and Umm Slal areas in both eastern and western regions and represents a vital artery for the residents of both regions.

He pointed out that Al Kheesa Interchange will ease the traffic flow on both Umm Slal Muhammad and Al Khraitiyat Interchanges, adding that the three interchanges have become three main routes linking the eastern and western surrounding areas.

The Al Kheesa interchange is part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement project impelemented by the public Works Authority as it is finalizing the 200 km service roads and cycling and foot paths.

Ashghal already opened Umm Slal Mohammed Interchange in April 2017 and the vital Al Kharaitiyat Interchange last March to serve areas of Al Kharaitiayt, Leabib, Al Ebb besides nearby highways and businesses as it creates several alternative routes for travelers from and to the North Road.

Also, Ashghal opened late 2016 Izghawa Interchange to bring in alternative routes from Lusail to Izaghawa and Al Shamal Road and businesses around and sharing more traffic with Duhail Interchange.

The bridge linking Al Huwaila Road and North Road, enhancing traffic to and from Raas Laffan

The road linking Al Khor and North Road was also completed, a 5 km dual carriageway with three lanes in each direction instead of two lanes in each direction.

Ashghal delivered Umm Birkah Road, as well as Al Sakhama and Umm Al Amad Braiding Bridges to bring in easier access to areas of Al Sakhama, Sanae Lehmaidi, Umm Al Amad and Umm Slal

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