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Turkey, Iran And Qatar Come Together Evaluate Land Trade Routes

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The 3 nations will discuss Iran route to allow trade between Turkey and Qatar. The nations will be talking about the land trade routes on the occasion of oath-taking ceremony of Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rouhani.

“We’re thinking about alternatives for land trade routes with Qatar but the easiest way is passing through Iran,” Zeybekci told.

Qatar’s only land route, which it shares with Saudi Arabia was blocked by the siege countries after accusing Doha of supporting terrorism, which was denied by the gas-rich nation.

“We want to meet all of Qatar’s needs. We want all good providers in Turkey to sell products, including cleaning materials, domestic appliances […] and textile, in Qatar,” Zeybekci stated.

Trade between Turkey and Qatar increased in June and July, Zeybekci said, adding: “We have to make this increase permanent.”

Turkey’s exports to Qatar increased to $52.4 million in June from $36.2 million in May. Zeybekci mentioned that depending on cargo planes to carry goods will not be sustainable.

“We want to make it [transportation] economic, sustainable and reliable,” he added.

“Shipment by sea will gain importance. We foresee that at least four large tonnage ships would go to Qatar monthly but the land route is an alternative for carrying flexible and smaller packages,” Zeybekci added.

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