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Qataris Are Losing Worth Millions Of Dollars Due to Blockade

Due to the ongoing blockade many Qataris are deprived of following up on the operations of their companies in the siege nations, leading to losses worth millions of dollars.

The local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that most of the Qatari clients have not received their due payments from some firms in the blockading countries due to the ban on financial transactions and the inability of Qatari nationals to travel there or authorise others to act on their behalf.

It is learnt that some of these companies have exploited the situation to defer payments.

Regarding this issue lots of complaints are filed at the Compensation Claims Committee office in Doha, which continues to receive applications for redress from aggrieved parties as well as enquiries about the documents required to file a complaint and related procedures.

On Thursday, the panels received 28 complaints and nine enquiry calls.

Many complaints, the daily reports, also pertain to Haj and the restrictions imposed by the Saudi authorities.

Some of the complainants stressed that they have begun to lose faith in companies in the siege countries and are looking for a way out to end all ties with them besides recovering the due payments. Officials have strictly instructed, particularly in the UAE, that Qataris cannot sell their property there and nobody is allowed to buy from them as the registration of such transactions has been suspended, the Arrayah report states.

Some of the foreign workers who are sponsored by Qataris in Saudi Arabia have left their jobs and left the country for fear of being adversely affected by the blockade. As a consequence, property and possessions owned by Qataris there, including livestock, real estate, companies, farms and others, are left unattended. This, in turn, is adding to the losses incurred by Qataris on a daily basis.

Qatari investors and owners did not blame the workers for leaving as the latter faced a difficult situation there. The employers were unable to send money or help the workers in any way due to the blockade.

Meanwhile, the applicants lauded the efforts of Qatar’s government and the committee to help them get justice.

Photo: Gulf Times

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