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Blockade Will Fail In Its 'Mission' Even If The Demands Are Accepted By Qatar

Let us think for a moment that Qatar agrees to all the demands of the Saudi-led bloc and acts as they wish, it accepts Sisi as the right person to lead Egypt, it supports General Khalifa Haftar in Libya, stops publishing news showing the atrocities and daily destruction he is committing in his own country, and they shut down Al Jazeera, will it solve all the problems? Will it make the Brotherhood disappear?

The answer is a plain ‘No’, because the problem is not with Qatar, but with General Sisi, his friend Haftar and many like them in Syria and Yemen.

Sisi had a great opportunity to lead Egypt on his own, but even after three years of in charge, there is nothing much to talk about in terms of development. May be he doesn’t understand the economy and doesn’t listen to the advice from economists, but the fact that there is a problem cannot be denied.

UAE which was excited with him initially, decided to send Sultan al-Jaber, a minister well-versed in economy to assist Sisi, however, they soon recalled him without any explanation.

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Sisi is clearly a dictator, like his predecessor Hosni Mubarak, like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashar in Syria, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen. They might have a hold on all the structure but they have no idea on how to run an economy or achieve development.

Even if Qatar agrees with the bloc, Egypt will only be better off if democracy is restored in order for all the political forces to share in the responsibility of rebuilding the country. This is not one of the options considered by the bloc of four.

Now, coming to the Brotherhood, it should be noted that even before Qatar existed as an independent state, there were people of the region who relied on Brotherhood and political Islam and even wished to vote for them in free elections.  This means that there is a direct relationship between democracy and political Islam.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not need billions in order to survive. They are not an army but an idea, and ideas do not die out even if the people carrying them die or are imprisoned or exiled.

The demands of the bloc will only lead to more crisis and may even break GCC. Even if they win, neither the Brotherhood nor the advocates of freedom in the Arab world will disappear.


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