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NHRC Chief Asks To Siege A Collective Punishment That Targets Social Values


Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), Dr Ali bin Sumaikh Al Marri said that the violations committed by the UAE with regard to the right to property right from the start of the siege on the State of Qatar amounted to 320.

Al Marri said that the large number of violations against Qatari owners of properties and companies in the siege countries, especially the UAE, confirms the absence of a safe legislative environment for investors. This came during a conference organised by the Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies Forum at the British Parliament in London in the presence of diplomats, members of the UK House of Lords, representatives of think tanks, media professionals and academics.

Al Marri said that no country has the right to threaten the interests of the individuals, close down companies, confiscate properties, prevent money transfers and lay off workers or constrain other violations on the grounds of political differences. He pointed out that Saudi violations of the right to property were more than the violations of the UAE in terms of the number which reached 596 complaints, most of which were related to the livestock of the Qatari citizens in Saudi Arabia.

However, in the UAE, which is currently placing itself as the first investment destination in the region, violations of right to property were atrocious, which has shaken corporate confidence in its investment environment, he added.

Dr Ali bin Sumaikh Al Marri also was moved by the suffering of separated families and its image on the rights of children and women, pointing out that the latest statistics of the NHRC revealed in this regard that 318 violations were committed by Saudi Arabia, while Bahrain committed 195 violations, and the UAE 63 violations. He said that the violations that affected the common families were the most serious since the beginning of the siege, as they have directly affected the social fabric of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries where the ancestries are highly entwined. This has negatively affected the rights of women and children and has caused severe psychological suffering that is difficult to treat in the short term.

Qatar’s siege is a combined punishment of Gulf and targets the dominant social values in the Gulf region. He stressed that the siege countries have imposed these sanctions and threatened more of them as they escalate the crisis, adding that it constitutes a clear violation of human rights and further violations of international conventions and treaties. The Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), Dr Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri said the siege countries excessively violated human rights as if living alone in this world, adding that they violate human rights under a political cover.

In this regard, he asked that civilians be spared any repercussions that negatively affect the rights guaranteed to them by international conventions to achieve small political gains.

Dr Al Marri called on the rights committees in the UK parliament and active human rights groups in the United Kingdom to help in pointing out the violations of the siege countries due to their politicaldifferences with Qatar on all international platforms, notably the Human Rights Council.

The NHRC chairman emphasized the situation of workers in Qatar who were affected by the siege, particularly those who are GCC citizens and were forced to leave their jobs in Doha, in addition to 850 workers who are employees of Qatari nationals in Saudi Arabia. Dr Al Marri also discussed the suffering of students who were barred from universities and deprived from writing their exams in a clear violation of university accreditation law.

Now, he pointed to the NHRC statistics, which indicate that Saudi Arabia violated the right to education 48 times, the UAE 120 times and Bahrain 27 times.

He added that the violation of the right to practicing religious rituals were all by Saudi Arabia as the crisis overlapped with the beginning of Ramadan and continued until the hajj season, noting that these violations stand at 144 so far affecting citizens and residents.

The NHRC chairman said this is an “extremely sensitive” issue that encouraged the committee to address the international concerned entities to look into the violations of the right to religion and faith.

He stressed that the NHRC will carry on its regional and international efforts to lift the harm and unfairness that affected Qatari citizens and all those under the legal jurisdiction of Qatar, whether GCC nationals or expatriates. He added that the committee will continue to follow up on the immediate and future consequences of these violations.

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