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Bride Is Left Furious After Groom Blows £14,000 On Pigs To Walk Her Up The Aisle Because Her Nickname Is ‘Little Piggy’

A bride who was dreamt of a traditional wedding in the countryside was left furious after she was forced to walk up the aisle surrounded by pigs.

Steph refused to speak to Billy when she greeted him at the altar telling him he’d done everything wrong
The wedding was held on a pig farm, the bride and all their guests were surrounded by the animals rolling in mud

Steph, 23, a development executive from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, handed over wedding planning reigns to her groom Billy Grieves, 27, a fireman, in E4’s Don’t Tell the Bride.

But the self-confessed joker blew his £14,000 budget on a pig themed wedding, hiring 50 of the animals in an attempt to break a world record pig parade, which unfortunately failed marvelously.

Viewers who watched the episode on Wednesday night chimed in over Billy’s behaviour taking to social media, one said: ‘How stupid do you have to be to think getting married on a pig farm is a viable idea let alone good one?!’

Another joked: ‘She should NOT marry this pig. I would go absolutely ham, this wedding stinks and he’s bacon a fool of her.’

While others laughed at Billy dressing the bridesmaids in pig onesies: ‘There are no words really, this chap is beyond dumb.’

‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so ridiculous,’ added another.

Billy reasoned that his wife-to-be would be thrilled with the unique theme because of her pet name ‘little piggy’ – but Steph refused to speak to him when she arrived at the altar.

Upon arriving at the venue she said: ‘I think this is a joke. I don’t want pigs at my wedding, it’s gone to the extremes I just want this over with.’

Billy, dressed in a flat cap and wellies, waited anxiously at the altar hoping for his bride to arrive

The couple had met four years ago at a nightclub in the town where they live, and Billy proposed three years later.

During the programme Steph explains that the pair are total opposites, but even with his differing tastes she could never have expected to say her ‘I dos’ with the farm animals as her guests.

But on the journey there she fumed at her mother who was equally unhappy that Steph would be getting married in muddy fields

A Guinness World Record adjudicator was also a guest at the wedding to monitor Billy’s attempt to usher a parade of 50 pigs after their vows, but it didn’t go to plan after they ignore his instructions.

Billy explained that his rather niche theme acted as a tribute to one of their first dates where they had gone for food and Steph said ‘I feel like right little piglet’.

‘It just stuck,’ he said and added that he regularly bought her pig-related trinkets and gifts – though she later admitted she had never been a fan.

The bridesmaids had been decked out in pig onesies and they were not impressed looking like idiots on the wedding day

One he had settled on a theme the groom got carried away spending £1,000 on hiring a pig farm, £100 on pig onesies for Steph’s bridesmaids, and  £250 on a pig cake.

While Billy was wise enough to steer clear of a pig bridal gown the £1,000 dress he did choose was less than a success with Steph admitting she ‘hated’ it – and the wellies he had chosen to accompany it.

Billy ‘Babby Woodhouse’ Grieves splashes out £14,000 on a pig-themed wedding in E4’s Don’t Tell the Bride

The bride was left in tears over her hen do, after Billy left just eight bottles of fruit wine behind the bar and a few shots of Jagermeister, while he budgeted £1,500 for his own raucous stag do which wasn’t aired on the episode.

Steph’s bridesmaids blasted the ‘tacky’ onesies and as well as the purple dresses he had bought as a back up.

The guests thought the whole spectacle was amusing, snapping pictures of their piggy guests and getting their heels stuck in the mud

And the bride wasn’t best pleased either: ‘This is a joke. I didn’t want a themed wedding I wanted a nice wedding.

‘I’m so mad now I don’t want to go to the wedding I’m fuming.’

The mother-of-the-bride was equally annoyed and the pair were unable to crack a smile as they walked down the aisle.

But bride-to-be Steph is not happy with the theme and is left livid as she is forced to walk down the aisle surrounded by pigs

‘When your first daughter is getting married this is not what I wanted’ she said.

In spite of rain also putting a dampener on the day Billy remained positive and managed to put himself back in favour with a marquee and dancefloor.

When Billy showed her the marquee where the wedding reception was held, Steph seemed pleased

‘I’m not a world record holder but I married the girl of my dreams,’ he said, as Steph eventually praised his efforts.

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