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Qatar Witnesses A Considerable Dip Of 64.1% In Traffic Violations

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Qatar saw a significant drop in traffic violations in the month of June, the stats showed that there was a drop of 64.1% when compared to the previous month of May.

The total number of violations registered in May 2017 was 283, 832 which dropped to 102,001 in June 2017 showing a 64.1 decrease, according to 42nd edition of “Qatar: Monthly Statistics”, released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

The stats also revealed a 63.4% decrease in radar related violations when compared to that of May.

The non-renewal of driving licenses also went down from 193 in May to 31 in June, registering a high 83.9 percent decrease.

The statistics bulletin also shows that the cases of non-renewal of registration also decreased significantly when two months are compared on MoM basis from 614 in May 2017 to 166 in June 2017 registering a 73 percent decrease.

It should be noted that the accidents were also decreased by 12.7% when compared to the previous month.

The bulletin also shows a decrease of 39.4 percent in issuance of driving licenses in June this year when compared with May 2017 on month on month basis.

Around 2423 non-Qatari females got their driving licenses in May, while the number dropped to 630 in June. Coming to the men, as many as 5835 non-Qatari males were issued driving licenses while in June 2017 the number of non-Qatari males received driving licenses was 4289 registering a 26.5 percent decrease.

The stats said that the hotel occupancy rate was 61% (all categories) in June.

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