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Qatar Happy With US’ Efforts To Resolve Crisis

Photo: Middle East Eye

Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani was happy with US efforts to resolve the ongoing dispute in the region and said the move of US to send two envoys to the Gulf was an ‘important’ step.

He stressed that all the international efforts in this regard were in support of Kuwaiti mediation in resolving the crisis.

US Secretary of State informed that Timothy Lenderking, US deputy assistant secretary for the Arabian Peninsula, and retired General Anthony Zinni, former head of the US Central Command, were set to travel to the region to have talks with both the parties.

A State Department official said the envoys would “provide US support to the government of Kuwait’s mediation efforts”.

President Trump had handed over the responsibility to Tillerson to oversee the American efforts in the crisis. Qatari minister added that there was a lack of good intentions and referred to the Manama meeting’s outcome, which was based on the 13 demands that was earlier considered as null.

The minister refused to comment on Saudi Arabia foreign minister shaking hands with his Iranian counterpart, at a time when Qatar is being targeted for its closeness with Iran, the minister just said that it was a matter that concerned those two nations.

The minister again stressed on having a dialogue under a logical and legal context. The basis of the dialogue is to withdraw the illegal measures taken by the siege countries and refrain from violating the sovereignty of any State. He added that there should be collective obligations and not dictates.

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