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Al-Attiyah Says The Whole World Is Behind Qatar

Photo: Gulf Times

The recent address of the Emir to the nation focused on the prevailing situation and specified future steps for the country.

HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah, chairman of the Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development, observed that the emir’s speech outlined the concepts of power, dignity and wisdom in dealing with the blockade and called for a dialogue based on respect for national sovereignty.

He condemned the foreign ministers of siege countries for trying to show Qatar in bad light by making fabricated statements. They failed diplomatically and politically in marketing their lies about Qatar, he added.

“On the contrary, Arab, Islamic and GCC countries — as well as the whole free world and international and regional organisations — are standing in solidarity with Qatar,” he pointed out.

He believed that the crisis was an effort to keep Qatar away from the regional and international role it has been playing recently. Another aim was to damage the reputation of Qatar and isolate it completely by bribing some countries to join the siege, which eventually failed.

Al Attiyah described the blockade as a “failed comedy” that is a product of “political adolescence”.

He said that the siege countries had different agenda behind the crisis and stressed that Saudi, Bahraini and Emirati media have, unfortunately, gone through ethical and professional degradation during the crisis.

Speaking about the negative role of the Arab League, he said that it has no role in resolving the disputes and troubles faced by Arab countries and revealed that a number of economic and political agreements signed by the member states of GCC were yet to be implemented.

He criticised the demand for shutting down Al Jazeera and called it foolish. He said that Qatar has the right to build international relations in a manner that would help achieve its interests.

He noted that most of the GCC states had western military bases and only Qatar was targeted in this regard, he also cleared that Turkey military agreement was signed long before the blockade.

He also wondered why Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE involved Egypt in the matter if they believed it is a GCC problem.

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