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Saudi Actress Offers To Pay For Four Boeing 777 To Carry Qatari Pilgrims To Haj

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Reem Abdullah, a Saudi Arabian actress has offered to pay for four Boeing 777 to carry Qatari pilgrims to the Saudi kingdom amid accusations that Qatar declared ‘war’ after allegedly requesting for an end of Saudi control over holy sites.

“I swear to God that I am ready to provide the expenses to rent four Boeing 777 planes to transport all Qatar pilgrims,” Abdullah said.

“This is a challenge from me to the Qatari regime that has prevented Qataris from performing Hajj,” she continued.

The relations between the two nations continues to get worse after the Saudi-led bloc imposed ban on Qatar after accusing it of supporting terrorism.

In July, Riyadh accused Doha of “making a declaration of war” by allegedly requesting to put to an end to Saudi Arabia’s control over Islam’s two holiest sites, the Kaaba in Mecca and the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina.

Though, Qatar denied making such requests, it took the matter to the UN for “politicising the Hajj” and accused Saudi Arabia of restricting Qataris to perform the pilgrimage.

However, Saudi Arabia claims that it will allow Qataris into the country through two airports, but they must travel via Doha to be allowed in.

Qatar’s NHRC called the restrictions as violation of international laws and agreements that guarantee the right to worship.

The NHRC added it was “extremely concerned over [Saudi Arabia] politicising religious rituals and using [Hajj] to achieve political gains”.

“The Saudi authorities have allowed the Qatari pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia only through two airports via Qatar only, thus any Qatari citizen located outside Qatar, must first return to Qatar, then travel to Saudi Arabia,” it said.

Contrary to allegations that Qataris were not allowed in the country to perform Hajj, Gen. Sulaiman Al-Yahya, head of the General Directorate of Passports, was quoted by Saudi media as saying: “Qatari brothers are currently entering the Kingdom to visit relatives.”

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