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Qatar Crisis To Get Worse In Spite Of Arab States Willingness To Have A Dialogue

Reacting to the four Arab states push for a dialogue, Saudi expert Anwar Ishki believes that the Qatar crisis is bound to get worse.

The foreign ministers of the siege countries expressed their wish to have a dialogue with Qatar, if Doha confirms to end their alleged support for terrorism.

“We express our readiness for a dialogue with Qatar if it confirms the cancellation of terrorism support,” Khalifa said at a joint press conference in Bahrain’s capital Manama.

The four states severed ties with Qatar after accusing it of supporting terror activities, which was denied by gas-rich nation.

Anwar Ishki pointed out that  “the countries blocking Qatar are doing their best to cooperate with Doha within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) without bringing the crisis to an international level.”

“To achieve this goal and prevent Qatar from supporting terrorist organizations, a spate of new economic [restrictive] measures may be used against Qatar, which may even be expelled from the GCC,” Ishki said.

Speaking about US’ role in solving the crisis, Ishki said that Washington had already worked out a strategy on developing ties with Qatar and that it stipulates the division of duties between responsible persons.

For instance, President Trump wants to counter terrorism, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls for clinching agreements with Doha that will allow the US to take control of all the banking operations carried out by Qatar.

According to Ishki, the transfer of each and every riyal from Qatar is coordinated with America.

The Saudi-led bloc gave a list of 13 demands to Qatar to resolve the issue, which was denied by Qatar and said that the list was made to be rejected.

It was reported in July that the four Arab states had brought down their list of demands to six principles, which excluded the closure of Al Jazeera.

The new ultimatum had no deadline, according to the reports.  It was later reported that the list was not cut down and that a modified list of six broader principles was issued instead.

Photo: Sputnik news

However, Bahrain’s Ambassador to Russia Ahmed Saati told that the media reports were untrue and revealed that Arab countries had not cut back or modified the list of demands.

“Qatar must fulfil all the 13 demands from the list that was given to it by the Arab states,” Khalid bin Ahmed Khalifa said.

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