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Organisations Ask Saudi Arabia Not To Use Haj As A Political Tool

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Two international organisations have expressed concerns over claims of harassment of Qatari pilgrims at holy sites and urged the Saudi authorities to allow people from Qatar to worship.

Free Voice Organization, expressed its deep concern regarding rights violations while the Swiss Organization for the Protection of Human Rights (SOPHR) demanded the Saudi authorities to lift all restrictions imposed on Qatar.

It was reported a few Qatari nationals halted their haj plans amid blockade as the local companies were not able to make necessary arrangements for the annual pilgrimage. Qataris were not banned, but the companies had to face other limitations like restrictions on flights from Qatar and difficulties in securing accommodation and transportation within Saudi Arabia.

The NHRC and the UK-based Arab Organisation for Human Rights (AOHR) have released statements asking for the facilitation of Haj preparations within Saudi Arabia.

Even during Ramadan a number of incidents were reported where some Qataris were denied from the right to perform Umrah, Qatari was also forced out of the Ka’aba premises and deported him to Doha.

Saudi Arabia took measures to make sure that pilgrims flying to Makkah did not use Qatar Airways, which increases the financial, emotional and physical suffering.

SOPHR demanded Saudi Arabia to not use Haj as a political tool that would harm tens of thousands of pilgrims, and to take appropriate political, security, legal and human rights actions to facilitate the arrival of Qatari or non-Qatari pilgrims arriving from Qatar.

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