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Glamour Model Lindsey Pelas Says Her Natural 30HH Breasts Are Causing Her 'Extreme Pain'

This model has a cleavage most women only dream of, but she claims her 30HH breasts are more of a curse than a blessing.

Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey Pelas, 26, is best known for her hot social media posts in which she can be seen happily flaunting her natural breasts, but she has now revealed that there is actually a serious disadvantage to the chest that has made her famous.

The Playboy model, from Louisiana, who has 6.7 million Instagram followers, says she has to ‘smile through the pain’ in her pictures, because her huge breasts, which weigh a monstrous 11 pounds, and are actually causing severe pain in her back.

The former Playboy model said she uses stretching and massages to ease the pain on her back

As Lindsey shared a picture of herself in leggings and a crop top to promote some vitamin supplements, she decided to use the opportunity to open up about her struggles with her body.

The blonde admitted she was in pain when the image was taken, and opened up about the partiality she faces because she is blonde and busty.

She wrote: ‘Doing my best sweet and innocent face when I’m in pain. Haha. It’s crazy how being busty can make people see your personality so differently.

Lindsey, who has 6.7 million followers, often posts pictures of her cleavage on Instagram

‘Speaking of busty, also crazy how bad my back hurts right now. Working out with roughly 11 pounds on my chest (yea I got bored one day) is really trying on my back.’

The model, who describes herself as ‘genetically gifted’, said massages and stretching help to ease the pain on her back.

The model’s followers advised her to get a breast reduction to help with the pain

‘I have trouble keeping my body squared when stretching and I find I pull from my back (like many) when I need help pushing a weight,’ she said.

‘Stretching, massages and a nice new bed are helping to keep me pain-free.’

Lindsey, who has dated Calum Best, says her breasts weigh a whopping 11 pounds

Lindsey’s followers flooded her Instagram with messages of support, advising her to consider having a breast reduction to help with the pain.

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