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Brandi Glanville APOLOGIZES To Joanna Krupa For Calling Her A Cheater With A Smelly Vagina

Brandi Glanville and Joanna Krupa have settled their long lasting legal feud, just two days before the case was due to go to jury trial.

Glanville apologized for the comments made in 2013 in which she claimed Krupa has ‘smelly’ lady parts.

Krupa, 38, sued Glanville, 44, for slander and emotional distress following a 2013 interview the Beverly Hills housewife gave to Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Glanville said: ‘I want to apologize to Joanna Krupa for the statements I have made about her. I regret ever making such statements about Joanna Krupa. I also certainly never intended my statements to be taken so seriously and out of proportion. I apologize because I never wanted my statements to affect Joanna Krupa’s reputation and I wish her continued success in life.’

Krupa said: ‘I am moving on with my life considering all the changes that are happening to me this year. I am very happy with the settlement and have no regrets. I hope I inspired others to always speak up when they believe they are wronged and not allow it.’

Krupa filed the defamation lawsuit in 2015 after Glanville repeated the allegations on the show in December 2014

Commenting on the conclusion of the case, Krupa’s counsel, Raymond Rafool of Miami, Florida, said: ‘Joanna and I are pleased with the settlement.’

Glanville, 44, also said that the Polish model had once had an affair with Mohamed Hadid, the property developer father of models Gigi and Bella, while he was still married to Yolanda Foster.

The settlement ends a lengthy legal battle fought largely in Miami, Florida, although Krupa was not in the city to see the final round of bickering play out.

A request to remove the trial from the docket at the Miami District Court was filed this morning by lawyers acting for the Polish blonde.

Glanville claimed that Krupa had slept with Mohamed Hadid, 68, while he was still married. Krupa said these statements were defamatory

The initial complaint, which was filed on January 22, 2015, came about as the result of an appearance by Glanville on late night talk show Watch What Happens Live in New York in November 2013.

While chatting to host Andy Cohen, Glanville claimed that Krupa had slept with Hadid, 68, while he was still married to Dutch former model and reality star Yolanda Foster.

She went on to allege Hadid had told her Krupa’s ‘p***y smelled’ and claimed to have a witness to the conversation in the shape of fellow reality star Lisa Vanderpump.

On a show taped for Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live YouTube channel that aired on December 16 2014, Glanville repeated the remark and added: ‘You can’t help the odor situation’.

Krupa filed suit the following month, blaming Glanville of making ‘false and malicious’ statements and demanding damages of at least $15,000, which were later revised upwards to $2 million.

Although details of the settlement will not be made public, it is unlikely that Glanville, who was famously dumped by Eddie Cibrian for LeAnn Rimes, will pay anything like the amount requested.

Much of the legal disputing over the past two months has concerned Glanville’s financial situation and apparent reluctance to provide full details of her income.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was accused of concealing assets worth $150,000 and lying about being ‘broke’ by Krupa’s legal team.

And in July, Krupa’s ex-husband, French nightclub mogul Romain Zago, 44, was ordered to make a deposition in which he said the model’s vagina smells ‘amazing’.

The Housewives settled the lawsuit two days before it was scheduled to go to trial

He continued: ‘If you want to know the answer to this stupid comments from your client [Glanville], [Krupa’s] vagina smells amazing. And I swear on God, Jesus, my father, my brothers.’

Zago, who would have been ordered to testify had the case gone to trial, would have been joined on the witness stand by Hadid and Vanderpump, both of whom also made formal depositions.

In hers, the 56-year-old Vanderpump Rules star described Glanville as a ‘liar’ and revealed the pair were no longer friends.

Hadid, meanwhile, flatly denied having an affair with Krupa and said he has never spoken of her to Glanville.

Vanderpump said: ‘I think through trial and tribulations, really reality television, and things she did and said here just, kind of ended the relationship.

She continued: ‘I don’t give anything Brandi Glanville says credence or credibility, and don’t invest. I always consider the source.’

Hadid added: ‘I have never spoken– ever – to Brandi about Joanna. Never [Joanna Krupa] came into any kind of conversation. There was never a conversation to bring it into.’

Asked if he had had an affair with Krupa, Hadid said: ‘Absolutely not.’

He also said he never made reference to her private parts, telling lawyers: ‘I have never, ever spoken of anyone’s private parts, Joanna or anyone else.’

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