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Boyfriend Married Another Woman While His Girlfriend Gave Birth

A new father betrayed his wife as he married another woman while his girlfriend gave birth.

Adonis Rodriguez, 21, cheated on his girlfriend Heather McGillian, 24, while she was in hospital giving birth to their baby through complications.

Heather hailed from Scotland and Adonis was a native of Dominician Republic. The duo met as entertainers in a tourist resort where they fell in love. Hearther was a dancer and Adonis is a service crew. It’s been more than a year they are together and Heather got pregnant with their baby boy. So, she decided to go back to her country to give birth, leaving behind her husband in Dominician Republic due to difficulties in acquiring visa.

Adonis and Heather back when they were still a perfectly happy couple.

She thought everything will be fine once she delivers their son and eventually fly back to his boyfriend’s arm but little did she know that their is some shocking surprise waiting for her.

The Woman He Cheated With

Heather got a message from her friend in Facebook who send pictures of Adonis with another woman and seemed happily married in their photos. She was shocked after seeing the pictures.

Adonis and Julia’s secret weeding

In an interview, this is what Heather has to say,

“When i opened the message it felt like i had been hit by a double-decker bus. Adonis had his arms around a woman and she was wearing a wedding dress. It didn’t make sense and the more I thought about it, the more absurd it was.”

We had only been apart for a few weeks and there was no way Adonis could have met another woman and arranged a wedding in less than a month.For a second I didn’t twig who it was. Then to my horror i realized it was Julia.

Adonis, new wife, Julia, 31, is a German tourist who visited the resort a year before. She knew that both of them were friends in Facebook and messaging each other, but the latter denied anything going on between them, other than just being friends.

Heather called up Adonis and he admitted to marrying Julia, reasoning out that he only did it for visa. In another interview, Adonis only has this to say,

“Yes I’m married, Julia is my wife. I was still with Heather when I married her. I want to say I’m so, so sorry to Heather about this because Heather has my little baby and I want to see Diego.”

Heather remembered that when Julia visited the resort she looked so different the way she is looking now. It seemed like Julia copied how Heather looks

“She was unrecognisable from the slightly plump, mousy woman I had seen on Adoni’s Facebook page, in fact she now looked like me. She had lost weight and dyed her hair to look just like me, only with added wrinkles.”

Moving On

She came to know about the truth that Julia visited Adonis secretly four times over the course of the year. She even speculates the two timed their marriage when she was to go back for her pregnancy.

“She knew all about me and him and the baby but still married him, they had planned it and i was the one not in the know”.

Heather returned to the Dominician Republic after giving birth for her work with her now three-month old son Diego. She allows Adonis to visit the baby from time to time.

Heather with her son Diego

Her parting words:

” I feel so foolish for trusting Adonis but I keep telling myself there were no warning signs. He treated me like royalty and he was so excited about our baby. I still can’t believe what happened. Adonis had given me the impression he wanted to be together forever but while I was giving birth to his baby, he was marrying another woman.”

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