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Al Marri Says Differences With Qatar Is An Effort To Cover Violations Of Humanity

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Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Dr. Ali bin Sumaikh Al Marri said that it was the humanitarian was the most affected in the ongoing crisis.

He told that the siege affected Gulf people and residents in all the aspects which included health, education, work, and social sides. He stressed that crisis was fabricated  to legitimize the violations of humanity, which has become open and clear to all.

He commented during the meeting with HE Karen Pierce, Karen Pierce, Director General Political, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. He briefed the British official about the latest developments in the Gulf crisis.

He urged the international organisations to address the issue and fulfil its responsibilities.

Al-Marri noted that neutrality is unacceptable when thousands of people are threatened. “We cannot be impartial in cases of violations, and silence about them is not only a denial of international conventions but a denial of international principles and ethics,” he added.

He was disappointed with the recent meeting of foreign ministers of siege countries and said that it only complicated the crisis and prolonged the violations.

The Chairman of the National Human Rights Committee praised the great role played by British journalists’ organizations and syndicates in combating the violations resulting from the siege on the State of Qatar.

Dr. Al Marri appreciated the solidarity of international community with those affected by the siege. He stressed the positions of human rights organizations rejecting the violations of the siege and the recent movements of these organizations by condemning the ban on pilgrims from citizens and residents of the State of Qatar from carrying out the Hajj by setting procedural obstacles.

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